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Volkswagen e-Up sales soar in Netherlands and Norway

The Volkswagen e-Up! has been on sale since October 2013, and with the increased availability, and great reviews Volkswagen’s first all-electric vehicle has received, e-Up! sales are on the increase.

For 2013, a total of 588 Volkswagen e-Up! electric vehicles were sold in the Netherlands. In both the Netherlands and Norway, combined sales were almost 700 units in December alone!

VW e-Up! electric car

Volkswagen e-Up! first drive review

The Volkswagen e-Up is VW’s first modern electric vehicle to hit showrooms. First going on sale on December 3rd, deliveries are scheduled to start in January 2014.

It looks just like the gasoline powered Up! city car, except for some minor exterior styling changes, and ‘Tezzle’ alloy wheels. Since it’s such a new vehicle, we know very little about how it will drive and handle. Continue reading