Volkswagen e-Up! first drive review

The Volkswagen e-Up is VW’s first modern electric vehicle to hit showrooms. First going on sale on December 3rd, deliveries are scheduled to start in January 2014.

It looks just like the gasoline powered Up! city car, except for some minor exterior styling changes, and ‘Tezzle’ alloy wheels. Since it’s such a new vehicle, we know very little about how it will drive and handle. recently got there hands on one for a test drive, and they were very pleased with it. They called it a ‘thoroughly idiot-proof and very reassuring drive’ and aside from the obvious range limitation of a pure electric vehicle, the VW e-Up! didn’t seem to have any compromises.

Unlike the Renault Zoe, there are no battery lease payments to factor into monthly outgoings, so even though the almost £25000 price tag seems a bit steep, with the £5000 government grant, te Volkswagen e-Up! could make the sums add up.

…particularly for people who see merit in characterful, economical small cars that serve their purposes better than larger ones. Those people will see plenty of merit in an e-Up. And so do we.

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